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UQS CryPlugin

The Universal Query System (UQS) is implemented as a CryPlugin. Please refer to the official Plugin System documentation for any further information (this is not part of the UQS documentation): Plugin System

Startup and Update

In order to make use of UQS in your game, you are first required to carry out some initialization. More specifically, your game class will need to subscribe to UQS Hub events in order to register custom item types, generators, functions, evaluators and to also load the library of query blueprints. Query blueprints are basically templates specifying what a query consists of and they will get instantiated when running a live query.

At run-time, your game will need to periodically update the UQS to keep queries running and to allow UQS to perform some in-game debug rendering.

Below you'll find a minimalistic game class that you could use as a base for your own code:


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