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Virtual Reality is the new immersive medium that everyone is excited about. CRYENGINE V includes everything you need to explore this new space and create your own VR games and experiences. VR requires a powerful engine with high quality rendering at high frame rates. CRYENGINE V conveniently has a new optimized renderer that is up to the task. Of course you need a fast computer with a modern GPU as well as a VR Head Mounted Display such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Razer, before you can start. The good news is that CRYENGINE V includes integrated support for the latest VR HMD's as well as input controllers.


As of CRYENGINE 5.3, Virtual Reality vendor implementations reside in individual plugins. Note: this is a BETA feature. This has been done to standardize VR device behavior and allow the decoupling of VR devices from the Engine when they are not needed for a project. Once loaded by the Engine, each VR device module will register itself with the Engine's VR manager once the device has been detected.


The process of enabling VR in CRYENGINE has been designed to be as simple as possible. As of CRYENGINE 5.3 this has been simplified further, by requiring five generic steps for all supported implementations:

  1. Connect the device to your computer
  2. Make sure the vendor runtime / application recognizes your headset as ready for use
  3. Install the CRYENGINE VR plugin for your vendor with the engine
  4. Add 'sys_vr_support=1' to your system.cfg or user.cfg file
  5. Launch the engine

Virtual Reality is not yet fully supported in the Sandbox Editor, we hope to correct this with new support for multiple viewports in a future update.


Once launched, the engine should be rendering to your head-mounted device.

Enabling Virtual Reality at Run-Time

It is also possible to activate VR after having started the launcher, this can be done by simply running 'sys_vr_support=1' in the console while in the main menu. A possible use case for this is the ability to enable VR via the game's options menu.


Virtual Reality run-time switch is not currently supported in the Editor, only in the launcher.

General VR Console Commands

See the table below for a list of console commands available for all VR devices.

hmd_infoCommand-Shows HMD related profile information
hmd_recenter_poseCommand-Re-centers sensor orientation of the HMD
hmd_deviceVariable Force use of a specific VR plugin, otherwise first available is selected.
Available options:
CryOculusVR - forces use of Oculus plugin
CryOpenVR - forces use of OpenVR plugin
CryOSVR - forces use of OSVR plugin

NOTE: If the string is not specified, it will default to the first device it can find.
hmd_social_screenVariable0Selects the social screen mode (scrSelects):
    1 - Off
    0 - Distorted dual image
    1 - Undistorted dual image
    2 - Undistorted left eye
    3 - Undistorted right eye
hmd_social_screen_keep_aspectVariable0Whether to keep aspect ratio when displaying images on social screen.
hmd_reference_pointVariable1HMD center reference point.
    0 - Camera (Actor's head)
    1 - Actor's feet

Supported Platforms

CRYENGINE V supports the following platforms:

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