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As of version 5.1, CRYENGINE source is distributed via repositories hosted at

Configuring a Git Client

Other git clients function perfectly well, but TortoiseGit provides a simple interface, so we will use it here.

  1. Install Git for windows from

  2. Install TortoiseGit from

  3. Open the directory in which you want to clone a repository.

  4. Right-click and select "Git clone..." from the context menu.
  5. a. URL:
    b. [Enter git credentials if prompted]
  6. Wait whilst the files and history are downloaded to your local machine.

  7. Download the SDKs from and unzip them into <repo root>/Code/SDKs.

  8. Follow the instructions on the "Getting Started with WAF" page to build the code. The presence or absence of SDKs will be detected automatically.

Updating Your Repository

To update your source code:

  1. Right click in the git repository.

  2. Select "TortoiseGit > Pull ..."
  3. If you have made changes, it is recommended to run 'TortoiseGit > Fetch' and then merge your local changes.

  4. If you are updating from one release to another, be sure to download the corresponding SDKs.

Restricted Access Source Code

If you have a license for CRYENGINE that includes Sandbox source code, please let us know your github username so that we grant you access to the appropriate repositories. 

Similarly, in order to get console repositories you need to be a Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox verified developer. Please send your verification documents and github username to Once approved by us, you will be notified and activated to download the consoles packages.

Sample system.cfg

When building from a git repository, it is important to update your system.cfg.

A suitable starting system.cfg is attached to this page, however, you must add "sys_game_folder = <directory with asset .pak files>" to it.

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