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This section contains information that is not directly related to Sandbox but rather the game mode or final game executable.

In This Topic

Directory Structure
Learn about the directory structure of CryENGINE and the location of important files.

Using Different Game Folders
CryENGINE 3.1.0 and beyond supports using Game folders outside of the root directory.

This article shows how to use the Launcher application to run the game in Pure game mode.

Controller mapping
This document shows the updated layout for the Xbox360, PS3 and PC gamepad controls.

Using Console and Config Files
Explains the basics of console variables (CVars), configuration files and the in-game console.

Demo and Video Capture
Shows how to record engine videos and perform automated benchmarks.

Setting Up a Multiplayer Server
Explains how to setup a server on a local computer to host a multiplayer game.

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