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The CRYENGINE Manual is a comprehensive resource for learning how to use CRYENGINE and its tools. The manual contains many different tutorials and reference documents for beginners and experienced users.

These tutorials cover everything from the very basics of the Sandbox user interface and the basic level creation workflow, to the more advanced topics like setting up AI behavior, creating assets and cutscenes, and integrating audio from within Sandbox.



Getting Started and Basic Level Setup

Getting Started with Sandbox
The Getting Started section contains basic information about using the Sandbox Editor.

Interface Basics
This topic deals with orientation and getting around in the Sandbox Editor.

Level Creation
In this topic you learn how to create simple maps, setup terrain, vegetation, weather and more. It also explains some more editor basics.

Entities, Shapes and Tools
This topic explores the creation of objects within Sandbox, and also importing them from 3rd party applications and placing them in the Sandbox environment.

Cutscene and Audio Setup

TrackView Cutscenes
This topic shows how to create in-game cutscenes (cinematics).

This topic explores the integration of sound and music in an environment by using the Editors in Sandbox.

User Interface and Localization

User Interface
An introduction into building an in-game menu/HUD user interface for your game.

This section explains how to create region-specific versions of a game with multiple language support.


Gameplay and Graphics Setup

AI Setup and Navigation
This topic covers AI related information like how to setup convincing AI behavior.

Gameplay Setup
Deals with the setting up of game logic, logical gameplay areas, and advanced AI behaviors.

Flow Graph Editor
The Flow Graph is a visual scripting system with which simple and complex logic can be built with only a few clicks and without requiring any scripting or coding.

Material Editor and Shaders
In this topic, you will find comprehensive documentation about using the Material Editor in Sandbox.

This topic deals with the creation and setting up of particle effects.

Includes information on setting up a multiplayer DeathMatch level.

Asset Creation

Getting Started with Asset Creation
Overview of the CRYENGINE art pipeline, file types used, tutorials and other information for asset creation.

Characters and Animation
This topic covers the creation and setting up of characters and objects, as well as animating them.

How to create static or animated objects, weapons, textures and materials.

Topics covering basic diffuse, specular and normal maps. Physically based shading workflows and information on texture efficiency.

Resource Compiler
Information on how to use the Resource Compiler to compile assets, textures and pak files for build shipment.


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