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The CRYENGINE Art Asset Creation Guide is a comprehensive resource for helping artists, animators, and audio engineers to design and export assets to CRYENGINE.

As part of an ongoing documentation merger process, the articles under this section have been moved to the Sandbox Manual. That section will soon be generalized to the "CRYENGINE Manual".


Getting Started with Asset Creation
This topic provides an overview of the art pipeline, file types, Resource Compiler, and creation guidelines, as well as the further preparation and optimization of art assets.



Creating New Assets For CRYENGINE

Static (cgf)
Learn how to model static objects, breakable assets, vegetation, vehicles, and weapons.

Animated (chr)
This topic goes over all the necessary information to get a character setup in CRYENGINE. That includes character modeling, general rigging, rigging with physics and setup inside of CRYENGINE.

Texturing (moved to DOC2)
This topic contains tutorials on preparing different kinds of textures for use in the Sandbox Editor.

Materials (moved to DOC2)
Contains information on setting up and creating materials.

Animation (moved to DOC2)
The asset creation animation tutorials contain information about facial animation, the CBA file, bone requirements, procedural animation, locomotion groups, motion capture and boids.


Additional Topics

Audio (moved to DOC2)
This is a guide to preparing sound assets for CRYENGINE.

Cinematics (moved to DOC2)
Learn how to prepare for cut-scenes.

Localization (moved to DOC2)
Information on how to prepare the localization of the game content.

Building Assets

Resource Compiler (moved to DOC2)
In-depth instruction how to manually or automatically process source asset to create compiled builds.






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