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In the Display Options you can find various options to tweak what is displayed in the Character Tool Viewport.


The Display Options are split up in several separate sections:


Attachment/Modifier GizmosShows/hides the Attachment and Modifier gizmos.


  • In place (Only grid moves) - Character plays an animation in place. Motion is extracted and used to move the grid backwards to give an illusion of movement without affecting character's position in the viewport scene.
  • Repeated - Character plays an animation in place. Motion is not extracted.
  • Continuous (Animation driven) - Motion is extracted and used to move character in the viewport scene.
  • Preview Compressed Only - Show only a single viewport with a character playing a compressed version of the animation.
  • Side by Side (Original and Compressed) - Split the viewport vertically to show playback of compressed and uncompressed animation side by side for comparison.
Animation Event Gizmos

Show a helper gizmo for every triggered Animation Event. 

Locomotion Locator

Show the locomotion locator, as well as the current speed/turn speed/travel direction/slope. The red sphere shows the position, the green arrow shows the orientation, and the yellow arrow the velocity.

This option does not appear when displaying Repeated Movement (see above) as there is no motion extraction in that mode.

DCC Tool Origin

Show the origin of the source animation asset's scene.

Reset Character

Stop all animations and move the character back to the origin of the viewport scene.


EdgesShow edges of the character's geometry. 
WireframeShow wireframe of the character's geometry.
FramerateShow the rendering frame rate in the top-left corner of the Character Tool viewport.


Joint FilterHighlight joints of the character's skeleton whose names match or partially match the text entered.
JointsShow joints of the character's skeleton in viewport.
Joint NamesShow joint names of the character's skeleton in viewport.
Bounding BoxShow bounding box of the character in viewport.


Show Viewport OrientationShow a gizmo in the bottom-left corner of the viewports describing orientation of the asset.
FOVField of view of the camera.
Near ClipNear clipping plane of the camera.
Move SpeedMovement speed of the camera.
Rotation SpeedRotation speed of the camera.

Movement Smoothing

PositionSmooth camera movements. A larger value means smoother transition over greater time span.
RotationSame as Position. Smoother camera rotations.

Follow Joint

JointA skeleton joint for the camera to follow. 
AlignAlign camera with the specified joint.
PositionPosition camera on the specified joint.
OrientationKeep camera oriented in the same direction as the specified joint.

Secondary Animation

Dynamic ProxiesShow dynamic proxies used for attachment simulation.
Auxiliary ProxiesShow auxiliary proxies used for attachment simulation.
Cloth ProxiesShow proxies used for VCloth simulation.


Physical ProxiesShow physical proxies of the character.
Ragdoll Joint LimitsShow ragdoll joint constraints of the character.


Show GridShow the grid.
Main ColorColor of main grid lines.
Middle ColorColor of helper grid lines.
SpacingDistance between grid lines.
Main LinesNumber of main grid lines.
Middle LinesNumber of helper grid lines.
OriginDraw a gizmo of the viewport scene's origin (position 0, 0, 0). Try it with an empty scene or wireframe mode to see the effect.


BrightnessBrightness of the ambient light.
Ambient ColorColor of the ambient light.
Rotate LightEnable rotation of the directional light source.
Light MultiplierBrightness of the directional light.
Light Spec MultiplierTune specular highlights from the directional light.
Directional Light ColorColor of the directional light.


Use GradientToggle between a gradient background and an evenly colored one.
Top ColorChange the top color of the gradient background. If Use Gradient is unchecked, this will be the only color.
Bottom ColorChange the bottom color of the gradient background.
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