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What is Whiteboxing?

Early on in the creation of your development you will go from idea to having to do the layout of your game, and you'll need to refine positioning. This process usually takes place before the finalization of any assets to make sure no time is wasted on something that doesn't fit the end design of the game. Whiteboxing is when a level designer or game designer uses primitive shapes, such as boxes, spheres, cylinders or cones to show the proportions of the intended final object.

It is also important to mention that when creating designer geometry you have several way to do so and that is what we will cover in this initial section. 


Steps for Creating a Designer Object

  1. First, we will cover the default method of creating a Designer Object within your level. All you do is go to Create Object -> Designer -> Designer Box and drag that into the viewport. Once the object is in the viewport we will go to the properties of the box and click Edit to enter the Designer Modeling tool.

  2. Another method of entering the Designer Tool is by going to Tools -> Designer Tool -> Modeling to bring up the Tool. Clicking Box in the top left of the Designer Tool will then have you drawing out your own custom box. 

  3. Lastly, you actually have the ability to convert a cgf object to a primitive shape. In this case a primitive_cube in the form of a BasicEntity was selected. Once the object is in the scene, Right clicking enables a popup which has Convert to Designer at the very bottom.


Step 1



Step 2



Step 3




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