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Vehicle Course Breakdown

When dealing with the vehicle system you are given the ability to work with both CGA and CGF meshes to build your vehicles. The one case where animated geometry is accepted is when assembled tank treads and deformation is required. For this Quick start we will focus on the construction of a simple 4-wheeled vehicle that we can drive around and switch cameras on.

The range of topics will cover the basics of the asset file layout and then we will dive into the XML registration of the vehicle where we will spend the majority of our time covering the different features we can expose with each successive chapter. You can obviously carry on to create numerous types of vehicles and the following are contained within the GameSDK project:

  • 2-wheel -
  • 4-wheel -
  • Tank -
  • Boat -
  • Helicopter -

By default you will be able to store one animation within the CGA file and if you wish to house other animations for graphing or Mannequin usage you will notice that they are labelled as .anm files. Keep in mind that by default this geometry can only have rigid body animations and if you need to have skinned geometry you must use the .chr filetype.


Vehicle Asset Assembly

By default the 

Step 1



Step 2



Step 3




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