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Why is Organization Important?

One of the key points of any type of workflow is to categorize and overall organize all of your scenes properly so you can work in a more collaborative setting. Usually, you would have several developers who have layers directly named after them. Alternatively, they could have sections that are Action Bubbles; someone will check out that section in which only those categories should be worked on. As you can tell the development process can get quite complex and it is a good idea to keep your groups clean and sorted by foliage type or scale of asset (pebbles to boulders).

Steps to Create Categories and Objects

  1. Click on the Add Group icon, go to File -> Add Group or right click and choose Add Group.
  2. Name this group "Grass". To rename it, simply right click and choose Rename Group or double-click on its name.
  3. Select the newly created Grass category and right click on the name and choose Add Object. In this example we navigate to a folder path in our Nature folder and select shortGrass01.cgf.
  4. Click the Paint icon and drag across your terrain to see the vegetation laid out on the terrain.


Step 1



Step 2



Step 3



Step 4






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