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GFx Compiling

By default we will be using a GFx exporter to compile our SWF file. The GFx exporter is located in the Tools folder of the default CRYENGINE build you have installed. Large packages can be bundled into a single SWF file to house almost all of your game functionality through one GFx, but it is also good to break them up into individual elements to make them even more manageable. 


Steps for Saving and Compiling our GFx

  1. We can start by first saving our Flash file in the UI folder of our engine directory <root>/gamesdk/libs/UI. After saving you can quickly press CTRL+Enter in order to compile out a .swf file to the directory you saved.

  2. Next we will want to drag and drop our .swf file over the GFx Exporter to make sure it compiles into the same directory as our source material. 


Step 1

Step 2



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