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In order to start generating a Visual Studio solution, we need to go to our project directory. This was configured in the previous step in the Create Project screen.

It is also possible to open the project directory using the Launcher by clicking on the gear icon and choosing Reveal in Explorer.

Generating a Visual Studio Solution

You need to follow these below mentioned steps to import a game project:

  1. Right click the Game.cryproject file and select Generate Solution
  2. Navigate to your Solutions directory in the same directory. Open the win64 directory, containing Game.sln
  3. Double click your Game.sln file to open the solution with Visual Studio. Once opened, you should have a view similar to image 2 below.


This presents us with our project; Game (seen under the Project folder in the Solution Explorer), this contains all C++ source files contained in our game plug-in. 

Even game projects are represented as plug-ins in CRYENGINE. This means that any game code you write is technically a plug-in for the engine.

In addition, we are presented with three Launchers:

  • GameLauncher - Used to play your game as an end-user would.
  • GameServer - Used to start a dedicated server running your project.
  • Sandbox - Used to open the CRYENGINE Editor to create levels for your project.

By default, the GameLauncher is selected. This means that if we press F5, the project will be built and launched in a pure game context:

Step 1


Step 2


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