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What default components are exposed to us?

Within each Designer Object you have the base set of components at your disposal to be able to refine and tweak the geometry to be the scale and proportions desired. You can in many cases use the standard Move, Rotate, and Scale tools on the geometry selection. Below are a listing of the components modes in which you can edit in on Designer Objects:

  • Edge/Polygon/Vertexprovide easy ways not only to select vertices, edges and faces but also to move the selected those elements
  • Objectis used for selecting (an) another object(s). This tool is actually same as the Object Mode in the Sandbox.
  • Pivotprovides a convenient way to change the pivot position to where you want it to be.

Manipulating our Designer Object Components

You need to follow these below mentioned steps to edit the vertices of an object and adjust the pivot to be best aligned:

  1. To start we will be heading over to the Menu and then going to Tools->Designer Tool->Modeling and drawing out a basic Box. The logic is to Click and Drag once and let go to drag upward and define the height. Clicking one more time will result in you finalising the primitive size and shape.
  2. With our box drawn out we will no look at how we can enter face mode within the tool so that we can create a ramp; instead of having just a flat cube within our scene. Inside of the Tool and with the Box selected we want to click on Selection->Polygon and then click the face closest to us on the side.
  3. Lastly to clear the debugging information from the graph you will need to exit game mode and then click the "Trash" icon which is to the right of the "Bug" icon we had pressed earlier.


Step 1



Step 2



Step 3