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The easiest and most useful way to learn Flow Graph is by using a Spawnpoint Entity and then hooking this up to spawn the player at that point on game start. To do this we will be using the prior made Flow Graph but adding an entity to it and then executing functionality through a Game:Start node.

Spawning Your Player

Follow the steps below to spawn your player within your level:

  1. Go to Create Object -> Legacy Entities -> Others -> Spawnpoint and drag it into your scene.
  2. Select the Spawnpoint, open Flow Graph, click on the flowQuickStart graph and then click RMB and choose Add Selected Entity to add the Spawnpoint with its properties.
  3. Connect a Game:Start node to the Spawn property of the Spawnpoint node and jump into game (Ctrl+G) to see we spawn at that origin.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


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