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Using CRYENGINE Launcher, you can create and manage CRYENGINE projects in one location. Follow the steps below to create a new CRYENGINE project using the launcher.


Use the Reveal in Explorer option to open the project directory on your machine. You can also edit or remove the projects directly from the Launcher.


Creating a New Project

  1. Open the CRYENGINE Launcher from the icon on your desktop and then log in to your account.
  2. In the Launcher main window, click on Library and then select My Projects 
  3. In the Projects view, either click the +New button or click on Create a project. Note that you can also create a project directly from the Launcher’s homepage by clicking on the +New button in the Projects column. You need to create a new project in the Launcher to install CRYENGINE.
  4. In the Create Project window under the Engine Version, select the desired version of CRYENGINE from the drop-down menu, and then select the type of project that you want to create (Schematyc, C++ or C#).
  5. Now specify the name and location for your project in the respective fields, and then click Create Project to create a new project.
  6. To open the new project in the Editor, mouse over the project name and left-click, or select the    (settings) icon and then click Launch Editor.
    After you've built a game, you can use the Launch Game option or click the  (launch game) icon to directly open and test your projects in the Game Launcher.


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