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This functionality allows you to import an existing CRYENGINE project into your Launcher. You need to use the "Import" option in the Launcher's main window to navigate to the project location and then select the folder containing the project configuration file (project.cfg) to successfully import the project. This enables the user to maintain different projects at a single location using the Launcher. You can also use the "Edit Project" functionality which allows the projects to be opened with different engine versions.

Importing an Existing Project

Follow the steps below to import a project:

  1. Open the CRYENGINE Launcher from the icon on your desktop and login to your account. 
  2. In the launcher main window, click on My Projects under the Library menu.
  3. Under My Projects, click the +Import button. You can also select the +Import button from the Launcher’s main page under the Projects column
  4. Now, navigate to the existing project directory to import the project configuration file using the Browse For Folder window. For example, to import the GameSDK project, browser to the folder where the current version of GameSDK is installed (for example, Crytek\gamesdk_5.5\GameSDK). If you're uncertain which folder it is, it's the once that contains the .cryproject file.
  5. Congratulations, you have successfully imported an existing project.


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