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How do I make booleans work for me?

Understanding the selection order of Designer Objects and the boolean modeling order of operations is key to quickly getting the results that you want. By default boolean geometry falls under these three categories:

  • Union - Two separate objects have their surface geometry merged and the vertices welded. UV mapping is also auto-mapped and scaled to reflect the new topology layout.
  • Difference -The first selected object is subtracted from the second. This method is used heavily with windows and doors where you need quick cutouts to block out, create hiding locations and position AI reinforcement.
  • Intersection - The last example of intersection takes only the geometry in which both objects share the same space. IT can be used to create quick flourish patterns on walls and blocking of rounded armor for staging.

How To Use Basic Boolean Editing

  1. Drag two Designer Objects out from the Create Object -> Designer section and choose the Box and Sphere lined up like the picture that is below.
  2. In the Properties of the Designer objects, click the Edit button to open the Designer Object Modelling panel and in the Advanced section, open the Tools tab to reveal the Boolean tool.
  3. Now you can use the Boolean tool to create the various forms seen below. Just keep in mind that when using the geometry it will almost always follow the patter of parent to child in priority.


Step 1



Step 2















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