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Within the Vegetation Tool you will find a long list of properties once you enter the individual Vegetation Object that controls each type of instance of your foliage. There are several properties that should be of note:

  • SizeChanges the size of newly placed vegetation objects. This allows you to uniformly scale the vegetation, where 1 represents 100%, and therefore, 1.5 is 150%.
  • Size VarChanges the size variation +/- of newly placed vegetation objects. This is the size variation within a set of painted vegetation objects of one kind. This works on a per brush stroke basis. Keep Size at 1 and set SizeVar to 0.2 to get a nice variation.
  • Random RotationRandomly rotates objects while painting new vegetation objects. To create a more natural look and distribution, you can set up a RandomRotation in the vegetation objects when you paint them. This feature works only if you use the Paint tool.
  • Align To Terrain NormalsSetting this to 0 makes the object ignore the the terrain "angle" at the point where its placed. Setting it to 1, means the vegetation will align itself perpendicular to the terrain angle.
  • BendingThe Bending value controls the procedural bending deformation of the vegetation objects. It ranges from 0 to 100, 0 meaning no bending effect and 100 meaning the maximum effect. It requires a specific setup outside the scope of the course, but it is important to remember for the foliage movement in your scene.
  • DensityAdjusts the density, e.g. how close individual objects are near each other while painting new vegetation objects. The density setting ranges from 0 to 100. This value represents the distance between each vegetation object.

See below for examples of differences between values of these properties:

Size/Size Var



Random Rotation



Align to Normals



Density 3.0



Density 1.0





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