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When using the Vehicle System you may notice that the car you are driving around does not interact with the world properly, and may glide across areas or hit objects of different scale and mass with unexpected results. To get around this concept with the vehicles we have introduced the massBox property to allow for you to set the real world value and positioning of the bounding box within the Editor.

For testing purposes we recommend that you place a Basic Entity within the scene and then apply between 500-1000 kg to the object in order to see the effects on your vehicle clearly. You can step up the chain and repeatedly drive into objects to get the damages and collisions refined at you move towards your final product.

Triggering Events Within our Scene

You need to follow these below mentioned steps to connect two entities together and trigger an event in the level:

  1. Start by adding a Proximity Trigger and the Light Entity from the Create Object -> Legacy Entities panel through searching for them and dragging them into the scene.

    Make sure to take care in placing where the Proximity Trigger is within your level and how it relates to the Spawn Point of the player that we had positioned earlier.
  2. Navigate to your initial flowQuickStart graph and add the two new entities into the graph to begin connecting them.
  3. Now that you have connected the logic we hop into the properties of our light to make it more noticeable for testing purposes. We will need to uncheck the Active property as well as change the Diffuse Multiplier to 999 to make it extremely bright.
  4. With everything setup you should now jump into the game and walk forward to activate the Light Entity whenever your have entered into the Proximity Trigger volume.


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