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Another feature of the terrain system is the ability to cut out sections of the terrain in order to create caves and subways within your level without needing to sculpt the terrain deep down. By practice you would create a modular network of meshes that could create the cave or a basic subway system.

The other topic we will briefly touch on in this section pertains to the usage of the move tool and being able to reposition large chunks of sculpted terrain in order to not have to repeat all the work again when having to adjust level layouts to conform to balanced gameplay.

How to Make/Fill Holes

Follow the steps below to create holes:

  1. Open a previously made level and navigate close to the terrain. Open the Sculpt section of the Terrain Tool to access the Make/Fill Hole tools.
  2. Click the Make Hole tool. Drag it across a small section of your terrain; sections of the terrain that affect both rendering and physics of the section will be removed. The red bounding box shows you are correctly within this tool. 
  3. Now make the radius of the brush smaller. Change it to 2 and fill some of the edges of the hole back in.
  4. Of course you can also drag with Fill Hole to cover the same area back with terrain. Similar to the Make Hole when we look at our brush it should have a blue bounding box.
Click Shared Parameters to make sure you always have both tools in sync when switching back and forth.

Step 1



Step 2-1



Step 2-2



Step 3



Step 4





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