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What movement options do I have in the Editor?

Once you bring your vegetation into the Editor you have several quick options that give you access to not only optimisation and density, but also the ability to have the intensity of faked or physicalised movement. Depending on what you are after you will want to choose one of the several flavors below:

  • Detail Bending - An effect that relies on vertex color information embedded into the geometry file to denote the X/Y/Z movement on RGB channels.
  • Auto-merged Mesh - A simple plane optimisation that allows for large amounts of grass to be lumped together at runtime to save on drawcalls.
  • Touchbending - An advanced effect that allows for player interaction by drawing out joints when you enter a collision volume. Out of the scope of this Quick Start but important to mention.

For a more comprehensive overview on these topics visit the Vegetation Asset Creation section.


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