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What are smoothing groups?

As stated prior inside of Designer Objects you have the ability to define the groups in which the materials are applied, along with this we have the option to soften or harden our normals edges on the geometry to look smoother.

It is important to note that using smoothing groups properly can give you far more believable crisp edges to go with your geometry and can reduce the need for edge loops if placed properly. Likewise we have the benefit of using Autosmoothing in the Designer Tool which will take into account the angular threshold (45 degrees) when applying the softened or hardened results.

How To Adjust Our Smoothing Groups

You need to follow these below mentioned steps to create and define smoothing groups using the Designer Tool:

  1. First, let's start by adding a Proximity Trigger and the Light Entity from the Create Object->Legacy Entities panel through searching for them and dragging them into the scene. (Make sure to take care in placing where the Proximity Trigger is within your level and how it relates to the Spawnpoint of the player that we had positioned earlier.)
  2. Let's go ahead and navigate to our initial flowQuickStart graph and add the two new entities into the graph to begin connecting them.


Step 1



Step 2



Step 3




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