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When and what do I track?

In this section we will be using the base AI that ships with the GameSDK package and the death of this AI in the scene to create a kill counter in which we will increment a value and then print it to the screen. The logic is quite simple to understand: we need to be able to keep track of the Shooter and then pass this information on to a counter. This counter will check for the death of the AI entity and then print out the information on the screen once the value becomes 1.

This lesson will also take into account the Class of the Entity and show how you can differentiate between death to drive or separate the logic of factions and the way you reward the player. You can keep track of this through the Weapon info and passing the information of the target to the to a check that looks to see if the human class is being affected. If it does than you increment the GameToken variable only when it sees the Human and in this case not the Boid. 



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How To Count Kills

You need to follow these below mentioned steps to keep track of enemy kills:

  1. This lesson requires the previous chapter of 6 - Spawning AI Waves to have been completed to carry on.
  2. Add a Graph Token to keep track of the kill count and print it to the screen. To start off we need to head up to the top of the Flow Graph tool and then click Tools -> Edit Graph Tokens... to assign it the name of killCount and the type of Int.
  3. Initialize your token by creating a Mission:GameTokenSet node and add the killCount token to the slot and assign the initial Value to be Zero.
  4. Add a Weapon:HitInfo node to the graph to begin tracking the amount of kills that are happening from the player side. We will need to connect the Game:Start Output to the Enable input port of the Weapon node. Along with this we will need to connect an Actor:LocalPlayer node to the Shooter Id port.
  5. Now the shooter logic has been defined, output the target logic from the Weapon:HitInfo node (1). To stem this off, create an Entity:EntityInfo node to check the Class (2) to split scoring logic and then run a String:Compare node to see if the string "human" is the class of the Entity (3).
  6. Now we simply need to check the Alive state of the Entity and if it outputs from Dead (2), we will run a Mission:GameTokenModify node that has the killCount token attached with an Addition operation set to Integer (3).
  7. Finally, in this step we can hook up a Mission:GameToken node with killcount as the Token and Output to a Debug DisplayMessage node in the Show and Message slots.

Step 2



Step 3



Step 4



Step 5



Step 6



Step 7



Full Graph



Final Result






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