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Based on what we have covered in the previous chapters, try and venture off on your own path with the following:

Technical Documentation

Coding Tutorials

This section provides you with a breakdown of simple engine architecture concepts. Along with both engine and game code source we also provide an API using Doxygen to help users understand the codebase.

The API reference covers many of the systems within the engine and exposes a description and list of functions of the common classes. Tread lightly in this section due to the complex codebase CRYENGINE ships with.

We have multiple paths for programmers in the technical documentation that allow you to experiment with both C# and C++. You can find everything from preparing a build for Steam to programming the entire Sydewinder game in C#.

For more information on the topics covered in this Quick Start guide, and across the entire editor, see the CRYENGINE Manual.

If you are interested in going further, we recommend checking out:

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