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Now that we have tackled the layout and design of the level we need to begin to standardize the placement of the player you are given when entering the game. To do this we will look at the easiest and most useful way to learn Flow Graph, by using a SpawnPoint Entity and then hooking this up to spawn the player at that point of game start.

Spawning Your Player

You need to follow these below mentioned steps to spawn your player within your level:

  1. Go to Create Object -> Legacy Entities -> Others -> SpawnPoint and drag it into your scene
  2. Right click our Spawnpoint and select Create Flow Graph and then name it "flowQuickStart". Once completed, click OK.
  3. Select the Spawnpoint entity and go into the Flow Graph window with the flowQuickStart graph open and right click and choose Add Selected Entity for the SpawnPoint to be added with its properties.
  4. Connect a Game:Start node to the spawn property of the SpawnPoint node and hop into game (Ctrl+G) to see we spawn at that origin.

Step 1



Step 2



Step 3



Step 4





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