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How do we get Flow Graph to Display our Variable?

The last step in this Quick Start goes over the connection between the function of the Actionscript textbox and the Flow Graph nodes needed in order to print the variable on the screen. For this we will take the UI element that we displayed prior and then extend the functionality using the Function Node we wrote in the UI Element itself.

How to Expose Our Variable

Follow the steps below to connect our variable to the Flash dynamic textbox:

  1. Find the node located in <root>/UI/functions/uiQuickStart/UpdateText.
  2. Connect not only the call but also the value input ports to the out value of the assigned mission Graph Token.
  3. The exposed variable is printed dynamically within our UI element underneath the CRYENGINE logo.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3



Although this tutorial has concluded, feel free to venture out on your own development path based on what we've covered in the previous chapters. For information on the topics covered in this tutorial and more, please refer to the CRYENGINE V Manual.

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