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Based on what we have covered in the previous chapters, try and venture off on your own path with the following:


   Flow Graph Quick Start

   Programmer Quick Start  

UI Quick Start

Step by step we go through level creation based on a template. We then add and modify brushes for scene creation. Finally adding a spawnpoint and using our level in the Game Launcher.

We focus on setting up your environment and creating our first class within our gamecode. This Quick Start will require both Visual Studio and Cmake to create and build your solution.

This UI overview covers the basics of exporting to GFx through Flash to use Scaleform. We touch on the topic of texture memory and also look at how we expose dynamic text from Flow Graph.



For more information on the topics covered in this Quick Start guide, and across the entire editor, see the CRYENGINE Manual.

For reviewing contents of this quick start:


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