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The CRYENGINE Marketplace offers developers a comprehensive library of AAA standard ready-made assets that can be used to personalize a project. A wide range of high quality professionally crafted and curated content is available for download (CRYENGINE account required). The Marketplace is available from or click here then login using your CRYENGINE account.  

Adding Assets to your Project

  1. Open the CRYENGINE Launcher from the icon on your desktop and then login to your account. 

  2. In the Launcher main window, click on the Marketplace option under the Marketplace menu. This opens the CRYENGINE Marketplace.   
  3. Assets can be found using the Search assets... option or through any of the asset category options. In the example below we want to download the free of charge LightenUp asset. 

  4. Click on the asset, then add the asset to your shopping cart, click the Checkout Now button.
    You will be asked to login and agree to the Marketplace terms of service and mangopay terms (through your Marketplace Account Information form). Click Save and Continue.
    Then complete the Purchase Information by checking the Terms of Service checkbox and clicking the Purchase button. 
    Finally, click the Continue button on the Purchase Complete box. The asset will then be ready for download in the Launcher under the Library menu My Assets option. To complete the download just click the Download button for the asset in question. 

  5. In the example below the LightenUp asset has now been successfully downloaded and is available for use in our projects. The CRYENGINE GameSDK Sample Project on the other-hand has not yet been downloaded, but can be anytime the user chooses.

  6. Congratulations, you have successfully installed an asset into your Launcher. Use the Reveal in Explorer option to view the downloaded assets on your PC and manually drag and drop them into your project directory using Asset Browser.

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