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Adding Vehicles

In the Woodlands level, there are a few pre-made, interactive vehicles that you can enter and drive around your level. Of course, it is possible to make your own vehicles, but since this is a Beginners Guide, we won't get into that just yet. For now, we'll place a couple of these vehicles into our level so you can see what it would be like to drive around in for example a Humvee.

Placing vehicles works very much the same way as placing any other object: we open the Create Object tool, go to Entity and expand Vehicles in the list that appears in the bottom of the tool. Here, we have a choice of several vehicles. Let's put one of the cars at the end of the road where we'll enter the level, so we can drive to our mountain hideaway.

Now simply double-click on your vehicle of choice and place it into the Viewport. You'll see that it will be positioned directly onto the ground, but it won't follow the terrain; it will remain at exactly the same angle. In real life, it wouldn't do that; it would follow the angle of the terrain underneath it. To accomplish this, we'll also activate Snapping to Surface Normal in the same menu:

You can move your vehicle with the Move tool and rotate it the same way we moved and rotated the house earlier. When moving it after placing it, it won't follow the terrain anymore; this function is only switched on automatically when you first place an object into your level. To make sure it will stay on top of the terrain when we move it, we'll activate Snap to Terrain.

You'll find this in the top-right corner of the Viewport:

To make sure its rotation will also follow the angle of the terrain, we'll turn on Snapping to surface normal as well.

Now you can place your vehicle wherever you want. At the start of your path in the mountains might be a good spot, so you can drive down to your fishing house.


Try it out by jumping into the game (Ctrl+G) and pressing F when you're standing next to it.

Now you can drive around your level.

In the same way, you could also for example put a speedboat in your fishing lake, although a fast boat like that would probably need more room...


Make sure you turn off Snap to Terrain and Snapping to Surface Normal when you're finished placing vehicles, otherwise it may be difficult to place other objects exactly where you want them.

Also, the water doesn't count as terrain, so if you do want to place a boat in the lake, turn these options off as well. Otherwise it will end up at the bottom of the lake.


Jump into the game again (Ctrl+G) and try out your vehicle(s)!


Next, we'll add some finishing touches.


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