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The Audio category handles the triggering of audio files in Wavicle particles. This feature can be used multiple times in a single component, this allows a sophisticated audio logic to be used in particle effects.

The following options are available under the Audio category:  

Real-Time-Parameter-Controls (RTPC)

This feature controls RTPC settings for CRYENGINE's Audio system. RTPC are audio attributes that can control certain aspects of sound (such as pitch, volume, filter cutoffs, etc). For more information about RTPC's, please refer to CRYENGINE's Audio documentation.

NameClick to select an RTPC from the Audio Controls
ValueAllows setting a value or curve in an advanced behavior. This value supports modifiers so that advance interactions can be had with the effect and the game scene. Please refer to the Modifiers documentation for more detail on how to create advanced effects.


This feature allows each particle in this component to trigger an audio event.

NameAllows you to select an Audio Trigger from the Audio Controls in CRYENGINE. These audio triggers can also be of a looping type (specified by the audio DCC tools).
TriggerDefines when a trigger should be executed.
  • OnSpawn: Audio is triggered right after a new particle is spawned.
  • OnDeath: Audio is only triggered when a particle dies.
OcclusionAllows selecting the type of occlusion Raycast options. CRYENGINE's Audio engine supports occlusion of audio sources by the scene geometry. The following options are available under this property:
  • Ignore
  • Single Ray
  • Multiple Ray 
Follow ParticleWhen the trigger is set to OnSpawn, follows the Entity Position while it moves around the scene. If an audio event is in a looping mode, then it is recommended to use this setting,

GPU Support

Since there is no communication between GPU particles and the host, audio events are not supported for GPU particles.

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