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   Audio Content Examples

The following Audio content examples are provided as a stepping off point from visual example to documentation article. You will find various topics such as basic entity configuration and complex setups for occlusion or utilizing the Dynamic Response System for dialog and interaction.


The audio map provides several examples on how audio can be integrated seamlessly into your level, allowing for layered acoustical effects, or define event based material reactions with audio. This map also demonstrates how a vehicle can be configured with audio using the GameSDK Humvee sample. Other aspects covered include setting up audio for a cinematic sequence with Track View, along with various topics like the Dynamic Response System and Dialog, or how to setup reverb or occlusion for audio effects in your level design!


Audio Examples Provided

Example TitleDescription (NEED TO BE DONE)
3.0 - Middleware SwitchingDuring runtime you can switch between Wwise, FMOD, and SDL
3.1 - Trigger SpotMakes an exact copy of the selected item and pastes it in the same group.
3.2 - Area AmbienceDeletes the selected item from the database.
3.3 - Area RandomSelect an item in the 3D Viewport and assign the highlighted item in the DB to your selection.
3.4 - Area EntitySelect an item in the 3D Viewport and this will open up the corresponding DB and highlight the entry in the list.
3.5 - Mannequin AudioReloads the selected item.
3.6 - Trackview AudioUndoes your last action.
3.7 - FootstepsRedoes a previously undone action.
3.8 - Dynamic ResponseCopies the selected item.
3.9 - Attenuation 
3.10 - Obstruction 
3.11 - Reverb 




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