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CVars and Console Commands


uqs_timeBudgetInSecondsSpecifies the time budget (in seconds) that the UQS is allowed to use for each update call. Internally, it will split up this time budget among all currently running queries to provide the best possible load balance. Setting this CVar to a value lower than or equal to 0.0 means that the absolute minimal amount of time-sliced work possible will be performed internally. In this case, complex queries will most likely be distributed over multiple Engine frames, thus taking a considerable amount of time until finished.
uqs_debugDrawIf set to 1, draws some statistics and the list of ongoing queries as 2D text on screen. Also, it will have the ongoing queries draw debug-rendering primitives in the 3D world for up to 2 seconds after they have finished.
uqs_debugDrawZTestOnIf set to 1, then the debug-rendering primitives of queries will enable z-testing when being drawn in the 3D world.
uqs_debugDrawLineThicknessSpecifies the thickness of debug-rendering lines in the 3D world. This can be used to visualize, for example a raycast when otherwise it would be difficult to see.
uqs_logQueryHistoryIf set to 1, then all running queries will also get recorded into a query history in memory. That history can be saved and restored either via the Query History Inspector Editor plugin (or via console commands UQS_DumpQueryHistory / UQS_LoadQueryHistory, see below) and be loaded into the Query History Inspector for later inspection.

Console Commands

Console CommandDescription
UQS_ListFactoryDatabasesPrints all registered factories for creating items, functions, generators and evaluators to the console.
UQS_ListQueryBlueprintLibraryPrints all query blueprints in the library to the console.
UQS_ListRunningQueriesPrints all currently running queries to the console.
UQS_DumpQueryHistoryDumps all queries that were executed so far to an XML file for de-serialization at a later time. Saving the current history in memory to disk is also possible via the Query History Inspector Editor plugin.
UQS_LoadQueryHistoryLoads a history of queries from an XML for debug-rendering and inspection in the 3D world. Loading a history from disk into memory is also possible via the Query History Inspector Editor plugin.
UQS_ClearDeserialzedQueryHistoryClears the history of queries previously loaded from disk into memory. This is also possible via the Query History Inspector Editor plugin.
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