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In this window you can change the default preferences of the Sandbox Editor in order to customize the look and functionality of Sandbox. You can find the preferences under Edit -> Preferences.

Every page has a button called Reset to Default. This will reset all the values in that specific page to their default settings, e.g. if you're in Audio -> General, clicking this button will reset those settings to default, but not the ones in AI -> Navigation.

The search bar in the top left will let you search for topics in the left column.



Disable Navigation Regeneration on Level LoadDisables the navigation regeneration when the level is loaded.
Initial Navigation Area height OffsetInitial navigation area height offset from the terrain when the area is created.



Mute AudioMutes all audio coming from the game in sandbox, both when in Edit mode and in Game mode.

Flow Graph


Automatic Migration

When enabled will automatically update and reconnect any port connection changes.

Show Node IDs

Display an ID for each node.

Show ToolTips

Display tooltip supplementary information when the mouse pointer is hovered over a node.

Edges On Top Of Nodes

Displays the lines (edges) in the Flow Graph on top of the nodes.

Spline Edges

When on, the lines (edges) in the Flow Graph will be smooth and curved; when off, they will be angular.

Highlight Selected Edges

Highlights the incoming lines (edges) from a node in red and outgoing edges in blue.


Detailed control over the many various color schemes of the Flow Graph.




Show all windows in taskbar (requires restart)Displays the Sandbox and its windows as a single tab on a taskbar. 
Enable Source ControlExposes the Sandbox to Perforce version control.
External Layers: Save only ModifiedSaves only modified external layers (default = false).
Freeze Read-only external layer on LoadOn level load, it freezes read-only external layers (default = true).
Show Time In ConsoleDisplays time stamps in the Console.
Deep Selection
RangeThe distance of objects from the cursor to be included in Deep Selection (Default = 1).
Priority To User Input after (ms)When specified, forces the user input to be exclusively processed when the frame time takes longer than the user-defined threshold limit.


Backup on SaveCreate a backup file (.BAK) when you save.
Text Editors
Open C# solution instead of filesWhen this is on, opening a C# asset in the Asset Browser will open Visual Studio (or any other C# Text Editor you have specified in the Preferences). In Visual Studio, the whole solution will then be opened, including all associated C# assets. Note that the C# asset you double clicked originally will be opened in the Visual Studio window.

When this is off, only the C# asset will be opened in the Visual Studio window, not the whole solution.
C# Text EditorEnter the name of the Text Editor used for C# Editing.
Scripts Text EditorEnter the name of the Text Editor used for Script Editing.
Shaders Text EditorEnter the name of the Text Editor used for Shader Editing.
BSpace Text EditorEnter the name of the Text Editor used for BSpace editing.
Standard Temporary DirectorySpecify the location of the default Temporary directory (default = <root>\Temp).
Texture EditorEnter the name of the Texture Editor used.
Animation EditorEnter the name of the Animation Editor used.
Auto Back-up
EnableEnable or disable automatic backing-up of your work.
Auto Backup Interval (Minutes)Set how often Auto Backup is scheduled.
Maximum Auto Backups
Set the maximum number of Auto Backups that are made.


Grid Snapping
Grid SizeCustomize the size of each grid step. Translating an object will have it snap every nth unit.
Grid ScaleGrid size multiplier. If grid size is 4 and scale is 2, grid size will be 8.
Grid Major LineOnly used in 2D viewports (ex. Front, Left, Top). In these viewports, every nth line will be a darker color.
Angle Snapping
Angle SnapWhen rotating, the object will only be transformed by n degrees from its initial rotation at a time.
Vertex Snapping
Vertex Cube Size
Determines the size of the vertex cubes when Vertex Snapping is enabled.



Default Preview FileDefault: gamesdk/animations/mannequin/preview/sdk_playerpreview1p.xml.
Size of tracksSpecify the size (height) of the tracks for the dope sheet. Min 14, Max 32.
Hold Ctrl to Snap ScrubbingSnaps the cursor to the time ruler.
Timeline Wheel Zoom SpeedControls the sensitivity/speed when using the mouse wheel to zoom on the Mannequin timeline.

Node Graph


Dragging buttonControls which button is used to navigate around the graph by dragging.




Allow Pop-UpsEnable/disable notification pop-ups for warnings, asserts and errors. These will still be stored in both the notification list and history.
Combine NotificationsEnable/disable warnings, asserts and errors being combined into a single notification when the max number of notifications is displayed in the notification list.
Max Notification CountMaximum number of notifications displayed before they are combined into a single notification in the notification list.


Adjusts the Hardness and Radius Sensitivity options that affect Terrain Editor's brush. For more information, please refer to the Terrain Editor page.


Hardness SensitivityThe rate at which the Hardness of the brush changes per pixel.
Radius SensitivityThe rate at which the Outside Radius of the brush changes per pixel.

Alternatively, you can adjust the Sensitivity values by scrolling up or down while holding Alt + LMB. For more information, please refer to the Terrain Editor page.

Track View


UI refresh rate (fps)Defines the maximum refresh rate of the Track View window when the animation is active.
So if the animation speed is 30 frames per second, and the UI Refresh Rate value is 15 frames per second, the track-viewing will be updated approximately on every second frame of the animation.

Version Control


Version Control
  • None - don't use version control
  • Perforce - use Perforce for version control and lets you




Hide objects by config specObjects can be hidden by config spec, for example some objects are only shown in Very High spec.
Synchronize 2D ViewportsSynchronize the 2D Viewports to move and correspond to each other.
Perspective View FOVThe extent of the level observable in the Viewport.
Perspective View Aspect RatioSet the length of the aspect ratio of the Viewport (where the height is 1) e.g. a value of 1.33 would give a ratio of 1.33:1 (4:3) or 1.78 a ratio of 1.78:1 (16:9).
Enable Right-Click Context MenuEnable or disable the menu that pops up when right-clicking the mouse inside the Perspective Viewport.
Show 4:3 Aspect Ratio FrameDisplay a 4:3 aspect ratio frame that shows what is visible in game mode.
Hide Mouse Cursor When CapturedHide or show mouse cursor in Perspective Viewport. For example, when turning the Viewport camera.
Drag Square SizeDefine a movement threshold to prevent accidental moving of objects when selecting.
Tools Render Update Mutual ExclusiveMakes it so only the viewport which is in focus is updated. This is useful when working on multiple tools that have their own viewport but the user is only interested in updating the current one he's working with (this improves performance since not all viewports need to be updated).
Map Viewport
Swap X/Y AxisSwaps the X and Y axis, useful for particle placement.
Map Texture ResolutionSet the resolution of the displayed map from 128 to 4096.


Warnings Icons Draw DistanceDefine how far to display warning icons in the Perspective Viewport.
Show Scale WarningsPlace an icon next to and mouse-over text on objects that have been scaled. "Warning: Object Scale is not 100%".
Show Rotation WarningsPlace an icon next to and mouse-over text on objects that have been scaled. "Warning: Object is rotated non-orthogonally".


Axis Gizmo
Axis Gizmo SizeThe size of the X/Y/Z axis gizmo.
Text Labels on Axis GizmoDisplay X/Y/Z axis labels.
Interaction for Rotation Gizmo
  • Dial - Changes interaction style for the rotation gizmo to Dial.

  • Linear - Changes interaction style for the rotation gizmo to Dial.

For more information on these rotation styles, see this page.
ScaleThe size of various on-screen helpers, including AIAnchors, Tagpoints, CoverSurfaces, etc.
Ruler Sphere ScaleScale the size of the locator spheres when using the Ruler tool.
Ruler Sphere TransparencySet the transparency level of the locator spheres when using the Ruler tool.
Tag Point
Tagpoint Scale MultiplierScale the Tagpoint helper sphere in addition to the base "Helper Scale" value.


Shrink Helpers in Distance

Shrinks helpers that are at a certain distance or further away.

Hide Helpers in Distance

Hides helpers that are at a certain distance or further away.

Hide Labels Distance

Hides labels that are at a certain distance or further away.

Hide Selection Helpers in Distance

Hides selection helpers that are at a certain distance or further away.

Render Icons on Top of 3D Objects

When enabled, shows helper icons in front of 3D objects.

Highlight Materials
Breakable Materials

Highlights materials that are breakable. Surfaces will flash green that are breakable

Missing Surface Types

Highlights surface types that are missing. Surfaces will flash red that are missing a surface type

Designer Volumes
Area and Clip Volumes

Fills area and clip volumes.


Viewport Panning Style
  • Push Content - when panning with the middle mouse button, dragging the mouse down will move the camera down, up goes up, left goes left and right goes right.
  • Drag Content - panning directions are inverted compared to Push Content.
Speed Height RelativeWhen enabled, adjusts the speed of camera movement based on the height of the camera above terrain or objects. The camera speed is multiplied by the height in meters (clamped to a range of 1-1000). This lets you move precisely when close to the ground, or quickly to different parts of the level, without constantly adjusting the camera speed slider.
Terrain CollisionToggles terrain collision on and off. When turned on, the camera does not go through the terrain when hitting it, but will always move along it. This option also affects Speed Heigh-Relative: when on, camera height is measured above terrain or objects; when off, terrain only.
Object CollisionToggles object collision on and off. When turned on, the camera does not go through objects on the terrain when hitting them, but will always move along them.
Movement SpeedThe movement speed of all movements made in the Viewport.
Rotation SpeedThe movement speed of the mouse while controlling the Viewport camera.
Fast Movement MultiplierFast camera movement speed multiplier when Shift is pressed and held, i.e. a value of 2 will double the movement speed.
Wheel Zoom SpeedThe movement speed of the mouse wheel camera zoom.
Mouse Wheel Behavior
  • Zoom - Mouse wheel will zoom only, just like in old legacy editor.
  • Change Speed - Mouse wheel will only change the movement speed
  • Zoom, Change Speed When Moving - (default) Mouse wheel controls the speed while zooming and zooms while stationary.


Highlight Selected GeometryWill add a highlight effect to any selected geometry.
Highlight Selected VegetationWill add a highlight effect to any selected vegetation instance.
Highlight Geometry On Mouse OverHighlight geometry under the cursor.
Selection Preview Color
Prefab Bounding BoxColor selection for Prefab Bounding Box.
Group Bounding BoxColor selection for Group Bounding Box.
Entity Bounding BoxColor selection for Entity Bounding Box.
Bounding Box Highlight AlphaAmount of alpha added on the Bounding Box.
Hightlight ColorControls the color of highlighted objects.
Selection ColorControls the color of selected objects.
Outline widthWidth of the outline of selected objects.
Outline Ghost AlphaControls the amount of blending of the ghosted outline.
Geometry Highlight AlphaControls the amount of blending of the highlight and selection colors with the scene.
Solid Brush Geometry ColorColor of the solid brush geometry.
Child Geometry Highlight AlphaAmount of alpha added on the child geometry.

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