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To change a character attachment you will need to load a character first. You can do this by using menu File -> Open, or locating a character file in the Asset Explorer and double clicking on it.

Selecting the Character

Make sure that you have have the character asset entry selected. You can either double click to select from the Asset explorer list, or click on the Character button in Scene Parameters to open a dialog window to explore to the folder where your character is:

Using the Asset Explorer panel:

Using the Scene Parameters, highlight your selected character:

Attachment List and Properties

Now you can observe the list of existing attachments (if any) in the Properties Panel:

By clicking the arrow to the left, this expands the attachments properties.

Adding New Attachments

To add a new attachment you can click on the button next to the "Attachments" text to open the drop down list  and use the "Insert" or "Add" function.

  • Using Insert, add the new attachment to the top of the list.
  • Using Add, appends the new attachment to the bottom of the list. 

Or ordered directly in the list via the right click context menu:

Attachment Types

Attachments come in multiple forms, depending on what sort of attachment you want to attach to the character.

Attachments are split into several categories:

  • Joint - Typical use case, weapon stow locations
  • Face - Directly attaching to a face on the mesh
  • Skin - These are the what the visible portion of the characters are built from (SDK_player is built from multiple skin files, for the shoes, trousers, jacket etc...)
  • Proxy - Attach an Auxiliary Proxy to be used for the attachment collisions
  • PRow - A Row of bones linked together in a logical order. (used for building cloth simulation setups)


Example character with a fully configured attachment list:

For more information please see the Character Attachment Tutorial  for how to setup and use these attachment correctly.