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If you would like to publish your own assets on the Asset Database so that they can be used by other CRYENGINE developers in their projects, you will first need to set up a Contributor account.

Setting up a Contributor Account

  1. Open the Contributor Assets tab in the CRYENGINE Launcher and click the Contributor Account hyperlink in the center of the Contributor Assets library. 

    Empty Contributor Assets library prior to becoming a Contributor
  2. This will redirect you to the Contributor account page in your user dashboard on the CRYENGINE website; if you haven't done so already, log in using your CRYENGINE account credentials and read the Contributor Guide before setting up your customer support information.

    Setting up a Contributor account

  3. Once you've set up your Contributor account, the Contributor Assets tab in the CRYENGINE Launcher should look like this upon refreshing:

    Empty Contributor Assets library after becoming a Contributor

Submitting an Asset

  1. In the Contributor Assets library, click the button to begin the asset submission process. Doing so will bring up the following form:

    Asset submission form
  2. Enter your asset's basic details (name, type, age restriction details) and click  to proceed.

    The Asset Title is the name of the asset visible in the CRYENGINE Asset Database; the Asset Name on the other hand is used in the URL of the asset.

  3. You will then be directed to the dashboard pictured below; complete the Description, Technical Specifications, Images and Embed Media sections under Assets Details with the requested information.

    Please also refer to the Asset Submission Guide for best practices and an overview of the asset submission process.

    Assets details

  4. Once the Assets Details section has been completed, the  button should appear in the Versions section below in the dashboard, as shown:

    Versions section
  5. Click it and enter the number of your asset version in the New Asset Version dialog that opens; click Submit to proceed.

    New asset version
  6. In the following dashboard, upload your asset folder and click Submit Version to complete the process. 

    Upload Asset
  7. A confirmation message should appear if successful, and the asset should be listed in the Contributor Assets library.

    Asset submission listed in the Contributor Assets library

Checking the Status of Submitted Assets

Once your asset version has been uploaded, you can check on its status as follows:

  1. Open the Launcher's  Contributor Assets tab, click the  icon next to your asset listing, and select the Edit option.

    Configuring a submitted asset
  2. In the following dashboard, the status of the asset submission should be visible in the Versions section as shown:

    Asset status

    These are the different stages of an asset package submission:

    NewNew asset version created; waiting for files to be uploaded.

    Upload pending; if you abandoned the Upload Asset dashboard, closed the Launcher window, or lost connection, you will need to restart the upload process.

    Upload FailedSomething went wrong during the upload.
    Pending PackagingFiles uploaded and queued to be packaged.
    PackagingFiles are being packaged.
    Packaging FailedThere was an issue with the packaging process.
    Pending ReviewThe package is waiting to be reviewed by the CRYENGINE team.
    ReviewThe package is currently being reviewed by the CRYENGINE team.
    ConfirmedThe package passed review process but has not yet been published on the CRYENGINE Asset Database.
    PublishingThe package is waiting to be published on the CRYENGINE Asset Database.
    Publishing FailedThere was an issue with the publishing process.
    PublishedThe package has been published on the CRYENGINE Asset Database.
    DeclinedThe package failed the review process.

    Version submission cancelled by the user.

    • You can cancel a submission by clicking  beside your asset package in the Versions section, and selecting Cancel Submission from the menu.

      Cancel Submission

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