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To install and manage CRYENGINE, you need a CRYENGINE account. Your CRYENGINE account allows you to access the CRYENGINE Community, the CRYENGINE Marketplace and learn more about CRYENGINE.

If you already have a CRYENGINE account you can login using your existing credentials and go ahead with the CRYENGINE installation.

To Create a CRYENGINE Account

You can create a CRYENGINE account in minutes.

  1. Go to the website, and then click on the GET CRYENGINE button. 

  2. Enter your details in the Sign Up section, and then click the Sign Up & Download button. Note: Make sure that you have read CRYENGINE's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (and clicked the checkbox) before you click the Sign Up & Download button.

  3. Check your email account and verify your newly created CRYENGINE account.

  4. Congratulations, you have successfully created a CRYENGINE account. Next, you'll want to Installing the CRYENGINE Launcher.