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If a version of CRYENGINE is already installed on your PC, then the new project creation process differs very slightly from the case where no Engine is installed. 

In the example below an Engine version is already installed - so we are just creating a new project that will use the current installed Engine version.

Creating a New Project - Engine Version Installed

Follow the steps below to create a new CRYENGINE project using the Launcher.

  1. Open the CRYENGINE Launcher from the icon on your desktop and then login to your account.

  2. In the Launcher main window, click the + New option. This opens the window shown in 3. below.  

  3. You can create a project based on C++ or C#. There are a number of ready-made templates that make things much easier for you when getting started with CRYENGINE. In the example below we have chosen a C++ based project using the Rolling Ball template and have chosen the already installed Engine version 5.3. Do remember that in order to be able to install an Engine version, then you need to have a project in the Launcher!

  4. We now need to give our project a Name. In the example below we have named our project My Rolling Ball Project. Also, notice the Location where the project will be located on the hard drive of our PC. Of course this hard drive location can be selected by you (just use the blue folder symbol to open the Browse For Folder window and then choose a suitable drive on your PC), but in our example it's on the D drive. Finally, click the Create Project button.   

  5. Your project will then be saved both on your hard drive and it will appear in the list of projects as seen in the image below.

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