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CRYENGINE is shipped with an installer application (CryToolsInstaller) that facilitates the installation of plugins and tools that support the export and content creation processes used in various Digital Content Creation (DCC) packages. Installation via CryToolsInstaller helps to keep your plugins up to date on each release of the Engine, and we therefore recommend this method over manual installs.

The CryToolsInstaller can be accessed through the CRYENGINE Launcher during Engine installation or through the CRYENGINE Launcher menu option Library →  My Engines (expand the menu) Dependencies → Tools and Plugins → CryToolsInstaller

Before running the installer make sure that you have setup your build information via the Settings Manager tool.

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Running the CryToolsInstaller

As part of any new Engine installation process the user will be presented with the Launcher dashboard shown below. This same dashboard is also available via Library → My Engines (expand the menu) Dependencies → Tools and Plugins → CryToolsInstaller.
To run the application click on the Install button (you can also run the application via the cog symbol (to reveal in Explorer)).

This will open the application. Click the Install button, then the Next button. 

Selecting Packages to Install

Select the plugin packages that you wish to install. Of course what will be installed is directly related to those software applications already installed on your PC. The tools automatically detect the supported application versions and where they are installed on your hard drive. Once you have chosen your packages, click the Next button.

You will then get a 'success' (or a 'fail' if something has gone wrong) on the installation of the required plugins. Finally, click on the Close button to complete the install.