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This topic describes the debug views that are useful for debugging art assets. Enter the console command in the console to activate the mode and display the info.


Console command: r_wireframe 1

This will draw the entire scene in wireframe, including objects hidden from view. (Can over complicate a busy scene).

Console command: r_showlines 2

This view will overlay wireframe only on the front facing geometry. Anything behind doesn't get rendered.

Both of these images are of the exact same scene, but visually r_showlines is easier on the eye.

Default Material Views

Console command: e_DefaultMaterial = 1

Applies a uniform flat grey material to every surface in the game.

Console command: r_TexBindMode = 6

Applies a uniform flat grey material with normal map information, to every surface in the game.


Console command: e_debugdraw 15

This debug draw shows all exported helpers linked to the geometry in 3ds Max, like grab helper, touch bending helper, etc.

Physics Mesh

Console command: p_draw_helpers 1

This debug draw shows physics proxy meshes additionally to the render geometry.

Mass, Joints, Detailed Joint Status Information

Console command: p_debug_joints 1

This debug draw shows the mass of objects in kg and the joint linked to the object in 3ds Max. To display joints you have to activate p_draw_helpers 1 first.

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