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The Decal Component will project a texture onto geometry and terrain. A typical use case for a decal would be for example blood splashes.

Default SpawnWhether or not to automatically spawn the decal.
MaterialThe material we want to use on the decal.
Follow EntityWhether or not the decal follows the entity.
Projection TypeThe method of projection to be used.
  • Planar - The decal will be displayed in the exact same position in space as where you placed the center of the object. It is advised to only use this project type on flat surfaces, otherwise you may find the decal "floating" in the air. Planar projection offers the cheapest performance.
  • Static Objects - The decal will be projected onto the geometry of an object in the level. It will be projected along the opposite direction of the blue Z axis. This method is automatically done as a deferred pass.
  • Terrain - The decal will be projected directly on to the terrain of your level, ignoring any assets that might otherwise receive the projection.
  • Terrain and Static Objects - This projection type is a combination of type 2 and 3, and will be displayed on both the terrain and objects. This method is automatically performed as a deferred pass.
Projection DepthThe depth at which the decal should be projected.
Sort PrioritySorting priority - used to resolve depth issues with other decals.

Fog Volume

The Fog Volume Component adds an area of fog around the components position. This can be used to create local areas of fog instead of global fog through the environment editor.

Fog Volume
ActiveWhether or not the fog volume is currently active.
TypeThe type of shape to use for rendering the fog volume.
SizeSize of the fog volume.
ColorAlbedo color of the fog volume, as revealed by external light sources. (with no external light, this will be black)

At luminance values greater than 0, assigns an emissive color to the fog volume (i.e., a color that doesn't require external light to be visible).

Only works when Volumetric Fog is enabled.
Emission IntensitySpecifies how much luminance (kcd/m2) the fog emits. Only in effect if the Emission color has a luminance greater than 0.

These options changes different aspects of the Fog Volume that would be attached to the entity.

Use Global Fog ColorWhether or not to use the fog volume fog uses the color set globally in the environment editor's Variables → Volumetric Fog → Color (Entities).
Ignore VisAreasWhether the fog volume ignores the use of VisAreas in the level.
Only Affect This AreaWhen enabled, constrains the fog volume only to a clip volume if placed inside it, or, if placed outside a clip volume and linked to it, excludes the fog from the clip volume.
Global DensityControls the density of the fog volume.
Density OffsetScales the density inside the fog volume.
Near CutoffStop rendering the object, depending on camera distance to object.
Soft EdgesSpecifies a factor that is used to soften the edges of the fog volume when viewed from outside.
A value of 0.0 produces hard edges. Increasing this value up to 1.0 will gradually soften the edges.
Height Falloff LongitudeDirection of the falloff. 0 = East; i.e. a positive X value. Determines how strong the fog loses density in the longitude/horizontal direction.
Height Falloff LatitudeDirection of the falloff. 90 = up.
Height Falloff ShiftControls how much to shift the fog density along the falloff direction.
Height Falloff ScaleScales the density distribution along the falloff direction. Higher values will make the fog fall off more rapidly.
Ramp Start

Defines the distance where the fog starts density begins to increase from 0, multiplied by Ramp Influence

Only works when volumetric fog is enabled. Also scales with Ramp influence.
HDR DynamicLighting multiplier for when LDR is being used to make lighting fit to HDR lighting manually.
Ramp EndThe distance at which the fog density reaches the value set by the Global Density property, multiplied by Ramp Influence
Ramp InfluenceScaler how much Ramp Start / End should influence the fog density.
Wind Influence

Scaler how much wind influences the fog.

Only works with volumetric fog enabled. Scales with Density Noise Scale.
Density Noise Scale

Scaler for the noise distribution that generates the fog density.

Only works with volumetric fog enabled.
Density Noise Offset

Offset on the noise distribution function that generates the fog density.

Only works with volumetric fog enabled.
Density Noise Time FrequencyControls the time frequency of the noise for the density. High frequencies produce fast changing fog.
Density Noise FrequencyControls the spatial frequency of the noise for the density. High frequencies produce highly detailed fog.

Particle Emitter

The Particle Emitter Component can emit particles at the position of the parent entity. 

Particle Emitter Settings
EnabledWhether or not the particle should emit by default.

Determines the particle effect to load.

To load a particle effect, click on the Browse button; to edit the particle effect that you would like to use, click on the Edit button.
Emitter AttributesAdjustable values which can be defined in the particle effect itself.
Emitter Features

Adds new features to the particle editor in use.

The features displayed on the Emitter Features dropdown menu are the same features that can be found in the Particle Editor. For more information about the functionality of each particle effect feature, please refer to the Particle Effect Features page.
Spawn Parameters
PrimeAdvances emitter age to its equilibrium state.
Uniform ScaleEmitter uniform scale.
Count ScaleParticle count multiplier.
Speed ScaleParticle emission speed multiplier.
Time ScaleEmitter time multiplier.
Particle SpecOverrides Particle Spec for this emitter.
Ignore Vis AreasWhether this component will ignore Vis Areas placed in the level. For more information about Vis Areas, please refer to the Vis Area page.
Ignore Terran Layer BlendControls blending with terrain layers. For more information, please refer to the Terrain Layer Blending into Objects page.
Ignore Decal BlendControls blending with decals. For more information about Decals, please refer to the Decal page.
Custom Random Seed

Controls if the effect should follow a specific seed, which makes the effect deterministic, or if it should be entirely random.


This component creates rain in a radius around the entity that you attach this component to. This is the quickest way to introduce rain into the level; however, if you want to create a rain effect with different properties, please refer to the Creating an Omnipresent Colliding Effect page.

EnableEnables rain around the Entity.
AmountSet the overall amount of the rain entity's various effects.
Ignore VisareasContinue to render rain when player is inside a visarea.
Disable OcclusionDon't check if object should be occluded from rain (is under cover).
RadiusThe size of the area around the entity Entity in which the rain will be falling.
Reflection AmountDEPRECATED
Diffuse DarkeningDefines how dark the puddles and rain are.
Rain Drops AmountSet the amount of rain drops that can be seen in the air.
Rain Drops SpeedSet the speed at which the rain drops travel.
Rain Drops LightingSet the brightness or backlighting of the rain drops.
Puddles Amount

Amount of puddles the rain creates on the ground

Scaler value depends on the surface normal and puddle mask for location.
Puddles Mask AmountSet the strength of the puddle mask to balance different puddle results.
Puddles Ripple AmountSet the strength and frequency of the puddles generated by the rain (offset PuddlesAmount).
SplashesAmountAmount of splashes the rain creates on the ground (it just scales the amount of splashes)

Water Ripple

Allows to spawn ripples on water surfaces. It is especially useful for cutscenes when non-physicalized entities are moving through a body of water.

ScaleSize of the ripple effect.
StrengthStrength of the ripple effect. Also affects size.
The most noticeable changes happen in the range from 0 to 1.
FrequencySets the interval for AutoSpawn in seconds.
Random FrequencyRandomly changes the frequency of the ripple effect. The value specified is the maximum frequency that will occurr.
Random ScaleRandomly sets the scale of the ripple effect. The value specified is the maximum scale that can be set.
Random StrengthSame as Random Scale, but for the Strength value.
EnableTurns the entity on/off.
Auto SpawnIf enabled, water ripples will be spawned regularly even if the entity doesn't move.
The spawn interval is determined by the Frequency and RandomFreq properties.
Spawn On MovementIf enabled, ripples will be spawned when the entity moves.
Random OffsetRandomly spawns ripples at an offset position relative to the entity. These values set the maximum offset on the X and Y axes (local coordinate system). Only works if AutoSpawn is enabled.

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