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In these tutorials, you will learn how to use the individual Components, will get an idea of what you can do with them and how different Components can work together to create complex Entities. However, it is recommended that you first read the article regarding Entity Components as this will give you an understanding of the overall idea and the system behind Entity Components in CRYENGINE.

You will not need any special assets or code for the tutorials. The tutorials use the various templates that come with the Engine and thus what a particular template contains off the bat. To follow the tutorials simply create the required template via the Launcher and then start the Sandbox Editor.

The tutorials do not explain in detail how to work with the Components in C++ or Schematyc. The tutorials are focused around the overall functionality and how to use the various Components in the Sandbox Editor. So if you are more interested in how to use them in Schematyc or with C++, then you will need to look at the relevant documentation or the video tutorials that can be seen on the CRYENGINE YouTube channel. Below you can find a list of the currently available tutorials.

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