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The Entity Components Properties panel permits general modifications to be made to an Entity. The panel is first exposed (in the right-hand main window pane) when the very first Components or Empty Entity is added to a scene/level. The Properties panel also includes the + Add Components button. For more information see the Entity Components - Components Panel documentation.

TypeDefault type (entity) - not user adjustable.
NameName of entity - user adjustable.
ColorColor of the entity.
LayerSpecifies which level layer this object is currently in.
MaterialSpecifies or overrides the current material of the object.
Minimum GraphicsDetermines the minimum graphics setting that the object will appear in - for example a value of High means that the object will only appear for users running a High graphical setting.
PositionDetermines the position of the object in the world.
RotationDetermines the rotation of the object in the world.
ScaleDetermines the scale of the object.
FlowgraphAllows linking the entity to a Flowgraph.
Link ToolsAllows linking multiple entities together.
LinksShows existing entity links.
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