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The general properties at the bottom of the Designer tool are always the same. These include:

Display Back Facing PolygonsThis Editor only feature allows for the showing of backfaces of Designer objects, such as when inside of a building or object.
Seamless EditEnables editing of objects when the mouse cursor is over them.
Keep Pivot CenterPivot remains locked during editing
Highlight ElementsVisualization of the vertices, edges, faces, and pivots.
Highlight Box SizeFirst requiring to have Highlight Elements active, this scales the helpers they use.
Display Dimension HelperEnables visualization of the object's dimensions: width, height, and depth.
Display TriangulationOverlay's the objects's triangulation through an outline.
Display Subdivided ResultOverlays the object's subdivisions through an outline.
Display Vertex NormalsDraws normal vertex direction and axis.
Display Polygon NormalsDraws polygon vertex direction and axis.
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