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CRYENGINE can automatically adjust the character's legs and feet to match the surface of the terrain or ground he is standing on. 

This includes the foot aligning to the direct of the slope in addition to the leg adjusting to different heights.

As with previous versions of the engine, animated character classes must be used if you wish to have the adaption, using the animobj entity or something similar will not function. 


Required Scripts

Naming Conventions

Bone Name

Bip01 Pelvis

Bip01 planeTargetLeft

Bip01 planeWeightLeft

Bip01 planeTargetRight

Bip01 planeWeightRight

Chrparams Joint Definitions

        <IK EndEffector="Right_Foot" Handle="RgtLeg01" Root="Right_Thigh" Solver="2BIK"/>
        <IK EndEffector="Left_Foot" Handle="LftLeg01" Root="Left_Thigh" Solver="2BIK"/>
You can have any name set for the calf, foot and thigh of your character as long as it's defined in the .chrparams, but make sure that the handle name is "RgtLeg01" for the right leg and "LftLeg01" for the left leg.


Console variables to see that the pose aligner is active is:

Console VariableDescription
a_poseAlignerEnable = 1Enables the Pose Aligner
a_poseAlignerDebugDraw = 1Enables Debug drawing of plane weight, target and root offsets
a_poseAlignerForceWeightOne = 1Forces weight to 1 which causes the limb to always adjust

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