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CRYENGINE (Engine versions) can only be installed through the CRYENGINE Launcher, which requires a user to be logged-in to their CRYENGINE account.

As from Launcher release 1.10.0 (14 May 2019) the requirement to create a project before installing an Engine version has been removed.

We recommend that you always have the most up to date version of the Launcher. If an update is available a pop-up will appear at the log in stage. 

Installing CRYENGINE

  1. Open the CRYENGINE Launcher from the icon on your desktop. Note: If a Launcher update is available a pop-up will appear - we recommend that you you always use the most up to date version of the Launcher.
  2. The most up to date Engine version can also be downloaded and installed directly from the Launcher dashboard. Please read Changing the Engine Version during Project Development. To download and install the latest Engine version click on the Install button - the file can be large, around 2.0GB, so the download and install process can take some time to fully complete. 
  3. Once the Engine has been successfully downloaded the next step in the installation process is to ensure that the dependencies required to run CRYENGINE are installed/setup as you require them. This process depends on your development experience and what you intend to do with CRYENGINE, for example a brand new user to game development is unlikely to be concerned about extending and creating C++ plugins or the installation of the FMOD SDK. However, if they have Digital Content Creation (DCC) packages such as 3ds Max, Maya or Photoshop installed on their PC and want to work with these packages and CRYENGINE, then it will be necessary to go through the relevant dependency steps for those packages. 
  4. New to Development/Game Engines: Subject to the above, then you can skip the next stage. Click on the Skip button and go to step 6.
  5. Have Experience in Development: Then click on the Go button. Work your way through each of the dependency pages i.e. the IDE and Compiler, SDKs and Dependencies and Tools and Plugins. What you need to install/decide to install will depend on what you intend to do with CRYENGINE and what packages you have installed on your PC. Note: You can revisit the dependencies pages for a given Engine version through the Library → My Engines option (expand the menu) click on Dependencies.
  6. Once you have either skipped or gone through the 3 dependencies pages you can then create a project.
  7. For project creation see the Managing CRYENGINE Projects section.
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