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The Tools package includes the CryExporter plugins for 3ds Max as well as CryMaxTools.
The CryExporter enables you directly export engine ready assets from within 3ds Max.

Installation via CryToolsInstaller

We recommend using the CryToolsInstaller to install all DCC tool packages, including 3dsMax. If you need to manually install them, follow the instructions in the sections below.

Before the installation of any plugins via CryToolsInstaller make sure to have setup your build information via the Settings Manager tool.

Manual Installation CryExporter

Plugin files can be found in the <root>\Tools\3dsmax\plugins\ folder. Copy the relevant plugin files (see list below) to the ...\plugins directory in the matching 3dsMax install folder (do not put it into the Stdplugs Folder).



3dsMax 2010

32 Bit


64 Bit


3dsMax 2011

32 Bit


64 Bit


3dsMax 2012

32 Bit


64 Bit


3dsMax 2013

32 Bit


64 Bit


3dsMax 2014

64 Bit


3dsMax 2015

64 Bit


3dsMax 201664 BitCryExport18_64.dlu

3dsMax 2017

64 Bit


3dsMax 2018

64 Bit


3dsMax 201964 BitCryExport21_64.dlu
3dsMax 202064 BitCryExport22_64.dlu
3dsMax 202164 BitCryExport23_64.dlu
3dsMax 202264 BitCryExport24_64.dlu

Manual Installation CryMaxTools

The CryMaxTools Maxscripts is a collection of tools coded in MAXScript for helping artists, modeling and animation staff to speed up their workflow.

The tools are separated into Animation, Artist, Morph and Rigging packages with user interface, menu entries and shortcuts.

CryMaxTools MAXScripts are available for the most recent versions of 3dsMax and will automatically choose the right version to load.

The script files can be found in the \Tools\CryMaxTools folder. The tools can be installed by copying the tools loader ( into \Scripts\Startup of the 3dsMax root directory. After restarting 3dsMax the tools should load automatically.

To uninstall the tools, delete the "" file located in the \Scripts\Startup folder of the 3ds Max directory.