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Console Variables




Obsolete - 0 - use the default navigation system, 1 - use the Multi-layer Navigation.


1 - display mesh and contour, 2 - also display triangles, 3 - also display tiles and external links.


agent type - the name of meshes' agent type, for which debugging information is displayed.


pathfinding quota per frame, in seconds.


0/1 - hide/show pathfinder debug statistics: queue size, average and maximum number of A* search steps, average and maximum search time.


0/1 - hide/show memory statistics.


  • Set ai_DebugDrawNavigation to 3.
  • Place a TagPoint with the name "MNMDebugLocator" within (a tile of) the mesh you want to debug.
  • Press BackSpace key to switch between the display of the different generation steps.

Some statistics will be displayed at the top-left corner of the screen:

To display a path between two points, a path which can use any SmartObjects – place two TagPoints, MNMPathStart and MNMPathEnd:

To display a path for a particular AI character, rename it to MNMPathStart:

To debug raycast, create two TagPoints, MNMRayStart and MNMPathEnd. You can see which triangles are traversed and where there is a hit, if any:

To display detailed memory statistics for each existing mesh, set ai_MNMProfileMemory to 1 and also make sure ai_DebugDrawNavigation is not zero.

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