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This records player input/camera movement and plays it back. Some player actions such as vehicle movement are not supported.

You need to start and record in game mode (Press Ctrl + G in the Editor after the level has been fully loaded, or load the level in Pure Game Mode.

After each playback you get a log printout that looks like the following (in the console and also in the file timedemo.log in the level directory for the level used):

TimeDemo Run 131 Finished.
Play Time: 3.96s, Average FPS: 50.48
Min FPS: 0.63 at frame 117, Max FPS: 69.84 at frame 189
Average Tri/Sec: 14037316, Tri/Frame: 278071
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: 0.99

Recording Controls



Console Commands

Start Recording

Ctrl + PrintScreen


End Recording

Ctrl + Break


Start Playback

Shift + PrintScreen


Stop Playback

Ctrl + Break


Related Console Variables

  • stopdemo: Stop playing a time demo.
  • demo: Plays a time demo from file (Usage: demo demoname).
  • demo_fixed_timestep: Number of updates per second.
  • demo_panormaic: Panormaic view when playing back demo.
  • demo_restart_level: Restart level after each loop: 0 = Off; 1 = use quicksave on first playback; 2 = load level start.
  • demo_ai: Enable/Disable AI during the demo.
  • demo_savestats: Save level stats at the end of the loop.
  • demo_max_frames: Max number of frames to save.
  • demo_screenshot_frame: Make screenshot on specified frame during demo playback, If Negative, takes a screenshot every N frame.
  • demo_quit: Quit game after demo runs finished.
  • demo_continue: Continue game after demo runs finished.
  • demo_noinfo: Disable info display during demo playback.
  • demo_scroll_pause: ScrollLock pauses demo play/record.
  • demo_num_runs: Number of times to loop timedemo.
  • demo_profile: Enable demo profiling.
  • demo_time: Time demo filename.

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