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Scripting Tutorial

In this Scripting tutorial we will learn how to display variables on the screen while playing! After learning these steps and completing the task you can then go on to more difficult topics like writing to XML or creating your own Flow Graph nodes for extra game mechanics.

Pic: FG Nodes Listing

Scripting Reference

There are two ways that you can visually script inside of CRYENGINE V, these include the Flow Graph Tool as well as the new experimental tool known as Schematyc for entity scripting. In this regard we have linked the reference documentation for both of these toolsets to guide you on your way and introduce you to both interfaces.

Flow Graph Tool

Schematyc Editor (Experimental)

Pic: Interactive Object Tutorial

Scripting Tutorials

Most of the tutorials contained in the video series are houed around simple logic that you can execute to have interaction or printed text within your scene. The video tutorials provided go over specifically the printing of game clocks and housing of data for retrieval.

Flow Graph Scripting Video Series