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Spline Distributor

You can make precise changes to the geometry by adjusting the spline points and parameters.



GeometryThis option specifies the geometry that needs to be used for the object.
Follow SplineWhen enabled, follows the spline specified in the level.
Step SizeSets the distance between each point along the spline. Smaller values increase the polygon count of the surface but also smooths out corners.
OutdoorOnlyWhen set, the object will not be rendered when inside a visarea.
RainOccluderSet the brush to occlude rain, this works in conjunction with Rain Entity. If your level does contain rain, you should set this wisely, as there is a limit of 512 objects that can occlude at any given time.
SupportSecondVisAreaNormally, objects are considered to be in only one visarea. This option allows them to be added to multiple visareas if their bounding box overlaps them, at the cost of some performance. Without this option, some large objects may not be displayed when viewed through portals in certain situations.
HideableWhen this option is set, AI will use this object as a hiding spot, using the specified hide point type.
LodRatioDefines how far from the current camera position, the different Level Of Detail models for the object are used.
ViewDistanceRatioSets the distance from the current view at which the object renders.
NoStaticDecalsWhen this option is set, decals will not project onto the object.
RecvWindWhen this option is set, the object will be affected by the level wind.
OccluderUsed for the construction of a level occlusion mesh.
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